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New for 2017- Bicycle Rings!!

  My latest is a pair of 3D printed Bicycle Rings to be worn on two adjacent fingers (or with a finger spacing in between) and show your love for bicycles to the world. They are 3d printed in stainless steel which makes them super strong and durable. Right now they are available direct from Shapeways (the company that 3D prints my designs). Sizes are limited but I hope to add more soon. Front Portion of Ring - Handlebars with Basket Back Portion of Ring - Seat   I've also done an instructable on the process that went into making this. I began with a rough sketch of the idea then moved to Rhino for Mac for the 3D modeling....

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How to Make Leather Baby Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes for a Baby Girl

This is a copy of my instructable on how to make leather baby shoes. I don't sell this in my store- it was a personal project - but the pattern is available to download and use for free. While I've worked with leather for a few years, I've never attempted to make shoes thinking it would be really difficult and time consuming. So when a family member who is expecting asked me to make baby shoes my first reaction was "umm no". Then I did a little research and came across a lot of tutorials and realized it might not be quite as difficult as I originally thought. I ended up trying a few different ones out and in the end...

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