brass heart ring
brass heart ring
3d printed brass heart ring
3d printed heart ring in brass
3d printed heart ring

Raw Brass Faceted Heart Ring -3D Printed


Part of a Heart series, the Faceted Heart Ring is a slim band made out of Raw Brass that is 3D printed layer by layer. The faceting and jagged edges gives it a look of being carved out of brass. I designed it to have asymmetrical faceting so that even at that scale it has a dynamic quality to it. The grain is a result of the 3D printing which adds to the roughly hewn quality.

Gift Packaging:
The ring will arrive in a small velvet gift bag inside an Archetype Z gift box. Gift tags available upon request.

Please note: The last photo shows the ring in a polished Stainless Steel which is why some of the faceting is less evident. The Raw brass will remain unpolished (as in all the other photos).

Production Time: 3 Weeks

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