Leather Smartphone Holder for Strollers
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iPhone Holder for Strollers / Prams / Exercise Equipment in Brown Leather

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The iPhone Holder for Strollers (and Exercise Equipment) in Black Leather is made to hang from a horizontal handlebar. The holder can carry various sized smartphones - not just iPhones -  and has an adjustable strap so that it can adjust to different sized handles. The iPhone holder is made from black cowhide leather with black stitching, gunmetal rivets, and a gunmetal side-release adjustable clasp closure.
Ready to ship in roughly 3-5 days

More Details:
• Comes in 3 sizes including a custom option for various smartphones (iPhones, Google Pixels, Samsung Notes, etc).
- The photos show the Large Size version for larger phones similar in size to an iPhone 8 Plus.
- Small Size for smaller iPhones (ex: 6, 7, 8 but not Plus), or similar sized phones
- Custom Size for oversized phones or ones with thick cases (specify phone model when ordering or contact me)

• Made from a smooth, Black cowhide leather

• Hand stitched edges with black Ritza tiger thread (considered by many to be the finest leather thread)

• Has an adjustable strap to fit various horizontal bars of strollers/prams/exercise equipment*

• Has a gunmetal clasp that is secure but can be released by pressing the sides making the holder very easy to install and remove

• Optional: initials can be laser engraved on the front left side.
Specify in the notes field when checking out.

• "Archetype Z" logo engraved on strap

• Arrives in Gift Packaging

* Please Note: This is made to hang from strollers (and exercise equipment) that have a horizontal bar. This has not been tested with umbrella type strollers.