3d printed jewelry bracelet
3d printed bracelet cuff in black
3d printed jewelry bracelet
3d printed jewelry bracelet in black
3d printed bracelet cuff in black

Geometric Jewelry - Triangulated Cuff bracelet in Black, 3d printed


A geometric and architecturally inspired bracelet cuff in black dyed polyamide (nylon + plastic).




Production Time: Typically 1-2 Weeks.

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*Size XS Extra-Small/Petite 
interior dimensions
2 1/8 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches tall
Fits up to a 6 inch wrist
[Fits up to a 152mm inch wrist]

*Size S Small 
interior dimensions
2 1/4 inches wide x 1 3/4 inches tall
Fits up to a 6.5 inch wrist
[Fits up to a 165mm inch wrist]

*Size M Medium
interior dimensions
2 1/3 inches wide x 2 inches tall
Fits up to a 7 inch wrist
[Fits up to a 178mm inch wrist]

All the cuffs will ship with their own Archetype Z gift box in the fourth photo.



I've always loved faceted structures, especially irregular ones that are becoming more and more common in architecture thanks to new technologies. They seem to have such complexity and they appear different from every angle you view them. Those are qualities I was looking for when I created the Triangulated Cuff and the original Faceted Cuff.

When I model in 3D it often feels like I'm sculpting. I build each piece, put it into place, tweak/adjust, then add the next piece. With the Triangulated cuff I really wanted a design that seemed minimal yet dynamic, and I adjusted my model until I got the effect I was satisfied with. The final result was 3D printed in a black dyed plastic nylon material (BSF - Black Strong & Flexible). It's a very lightweight yet strong and flexible material (as the name implies). As a last step I coated each cuff with a clear protective glaze.


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