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3D Printed Inverted Hearts Ring in Matte Dark Steel
3D Printed Inverted Hearts Ring in Matte Dark Steel

3D Printed Inverted Hearts Ring in Matte Dark Steel

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The 3D Printed Inverted Hearts Ring with a Matte Dark Steel contrasts a fun heart pattern with a modern, industrial look. The unique dark steel finish has an almost gunmetal coloring to it.


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Design: Perforated surfaces are found throughout architecture from old lattice-works in the Middle East to modern buildings in the West. I thought it would be great to apply to smaller scale jewelry designs and this Inverted Hearts Ring is part of a series of perforated jewelry.

The ring is constructed out of bronze-infused Stainless Steel that is formed by an additive layer by layer process known as 3D Printing*. I designed the ring to taper and have a break on the bottom which I've found makes a more comfortable fit. The ring has a texture as a result of the 3D printing process which gives it a modern industrial look which is contrasted by the heart design. (Note: the camera picks up much more texture than is visible to the eye.)

The ring band measures roughly 1/2 inch in width and is slightly tapered so the bottom of the ring is narrower.

*Please note that 3D printed jewelry and other items are not mass produced but are "one-offs" that vary to some degree in texture & color (similar to items that are entirely handmade).